page updated 2017-11-03

Jean & Terry Stand-Up & Skit Comedy

During the first quarter of 2017, we participated in the No Shame Eugene theater group. Age and infirmity ended our participation, and we miss doing it.

They're a great group. The first Friday of every month is performance night in the Atrium Building lobby, 99 W. 10th (10th & Oak, caddy-corner across from the Eugene Public Library), 7:30 p.m. Admission is free. Anyone can come and do up to 5 minutes of whatever they like as long as it′s original and they don′t break anything, including the law. Each performance is timed by an old darkroom timer. When it hits zero, lights and sound are automatically cut.

Performances are recorded and put on YouTube. The ones we admit to are:

2017-03-03 Elderly Adultery Jean & Terry skit No Shame Theater, Eugene, OR
2017-03-03 35,000 Foot Tall Tale Terry stand-up No Shame Theater, Eugene, OR
2017-01-03 Major Regret Terry stand-up No Shame Theater, Eugene, OR