page updated 2012-10-30


The strength of our democracy lies in the participation of it's citizens. Attempts to suppress that participation are an attack on our democracy. When politicians or their supporters try to suppress voting, they're putting their party above our country. I would rather have a person vote contrary to my likes than not vote at all. My country is more important than my party.

To those who say they don't like any of the candidates, I say: Vote for the one you can most agree with. Life is a compromise. Without compromise, nothing gets done.

Oregon votes exclusively by mail. My spouse and I received our ballots in last Saturday's mail (2012-10-20) and marked them within hours. We could have returned them by mail, but I put them in the drop box at Vida, three miles from our home, when I went to lunch at the Vida Cafe the following Tuesday. No special trip, no standing in line, and the paper ballots are available for recount. Procrastinators have until 20:00 on election day to get it done. Oregon gets around 80% participation for a Presidential election.

For more information, see this old but still relevant Washington Post article, Vote-by-Mail: The Real Winner is Democracy.