page updated 2012-10-20

DOS W&B Executable Names

The W&B program was originally written in 1988, back when the term “an IBM compatible PC” was in vogue to differentiate PCs using the Intel 8086 chip from other PCs not using the Intel chip. Since the original program was written for and would only run on an “an IBM compatible PC”, I named it WBIBM. I wish now I had used a different name.

Currently I'm using the following executable names to keep things straight:

WBEIA Evergreen International Airlines B747-200/400F/Super Tanker
WBKAL200 Kalitta Air B747-100/200
WBKAL400 Kalitta Air B747-400BCF
WBK2 Kalitta Charters B727-200

I haven't heard from Kalitta Charters in quite some time, so they may not be using the program anymore or are maintaining it themselves. Also, be aware that when the individual airlines distribute the program to the field, they may have changed the name of the executable.