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Terry Liittschwager

Resume ... sort of ... kind of ... condensed ... approximate ... whatever ....

— first —

22 years doing software development using Fortran, MAP, PL-I, Cobol, Pascal, C, and a number of Assembler languages.
B.S. in Computer Science, U. of Oregon, 1974.

— then —

18 years of flying — typed CE-500, SA-227, B-727, B-747 — last 10 years primarily international on the 747.

— now —

18 years retired but still doing a little web development using Javascript to keep my mind active, and I've recently started doing a little stand-up comedy.

— trivia —

Favorite Quote #1: If something has no effect, it doesn't exist.

Favorite Quote #2: There is no imperative for the human race to persist.

Favorite Quote #3: Just because something's bad doesn't mean it should be illegal.

Favorite Quote #4: Put the people in prison that you're afraid of, not the ones you're mad at.

Favorite Pastime: Being outside in the sun in my bare skin—bare all over—preferably on a tropical beach.

Age: 78, and getting more iconoclastic with each passing day. Aging has a lot of drawbacks, but it's also liberating.

Pet Peeve: Having to wear shoes when I don't need them, which is why I like New Zealand, you can go anywhere barefoot.

Most Controversial Opinions: Legal euthanasia, legal prostitution, legal recreational drugs, minimal censorship.

Most Perplexing Question: How to extend tolerance to those unwilling to be tolerant of me.

Race: Caucasion, the ones with the weak skin that sunburns easily and gets age marks.

Political Party: Republican for 40 years, now a reluctant Democrat (lesser of evils).

Greatest Regret: The time and energy wasted on religion when I was young.

Religion: none, secular humanist, atheist

— lastly & most important —

My wife, Jean, is the best thing that ever happened to me. This second time around is the greatest — 42 years and counting.
I never knew what real love, support, and companionship were until we met.