page updated 2015-01-27

DOS W&B USB Printing

DOS predates USB technology, and DOS programs cannot print directly to a USB printer. However, I'm aware of two MS Windows payware utility programs and one cross-platform freeware program that enable a DOS program to use a USB printer:

  1. DOS2USB is a Windows payware program. Available at www.dos2usb.com, it intercepts output written to a non-existant DOS parallel printer and can deliver it to a USB or network printer. This is the one I normally use if I'm not using DOSBox. If I'm using DOSBox, it doesn't work (as of October 2012, perhaps there's been an update?); output to the printer simply disappears.
  2. PRINTFIL is a Windows payware program. Available at www.printfil.com, it works the same way as DOS2USB. I've used it successfully in the past. While I've never tried it when using DOSBox, I'm told it works well with DOSBox (either the old Mega Build 6 version or the newer SVN Daum one, and that if DOSBox is installed on the machine and Printfil is configured to capture a LPT port, it also autoconfigures DOSBox (see http://www.printfil.com/efaq32.htm).
  3. DOSPRN is a payware program. Available at www.dosprn.com, it works differently than the prevous two, and it works with DOSBox. It delivers intercepted LPT1 output to a spool folder and routes the spool contents to whichever is the current printer, whether a directly connected printer or a network printer. DOSPRN requires additional setup other than just installing it, but that additional one-time effort is offset by it's compatibility with DOSBox.